Flying Crank Ghost v2.0

UPDATE:  October 11th, 2013
Apparently I lost this either in the move to the new house or it was “liberated” from my shed.  I just got a sweat deal on a Dayton Shaded Pole Gear motor on eBay for $32.
This model operates at 4RPM (so the ghost will be a bit slower) and has 100in/lbs of torque!  Will update the video with this new motor to show the speed difference.  Otherwise I will build it exactly the same as explained here.

Once again with the crank arm I places Torrington thrust bearings on each side of the fender washer which makes for very quiet and smooth movement.

A bit of detail on the ghost this time.  Standard foam wig head cut to include the new LED eyes which run on 3 (AAA) batteries.  I picked up a cheap “beware” sign from Walmart with LED eyes in it and harvested the LED system.

I draped the ghost using these instructions (more or less)…

These images were taken from the street (viewer) position so you can see how the tuule fabric looks and glows after being sprayed with UV hairspray.