Current and Past Years


House renovations and 2 more babies later I’m back in the game!  A few new props this year, a diguise for the air cannon and a new drive way to make setup easier.  Over the winter I’m planning to work on some of those unfinished “How-to” projects in the “How-to” section so STAY TUNED!





I got reorganized this year.  Rebuilt the MIDI system I pulled out of the basement (which had rust on the motherboard) and built the new Crank Ghost and redid the Barrel Jumper.  Put out what I could and the kids had fun…  On to next year!





I admit I wasn’t even going to decorate this year but it turned out I was off work so I ended up putting out quite a few things.  Overall we had a lot of kids this year for our new area.





I was still unpacking from the move to the new house but we managed to put something together for the wee ones.











First Halloween after the move.  House in mid renovations.  I barely had time to even plug in a light.  Same old same old!





Was preparing for a move and looking for a new house to buy.  Gave out treats and carved a few pumpkins.  No props or decorations that year!





Had a new baby boy on the 7th.  Dade Ethan Barry.  Halloween was a wash…












A bit of a last minute scramble this year.  I didn’t even think I’d get a display out this year but after a few comments from some kids in the area I decided to set it up the week before.





Much better than last year but nothing like I’d hoped… I spent a lot of money on landscaping the house this year so the props took a back seat…  First year with Pneumatics.






This was our first year.  Just a simple yard display using off the shelf decorations.  Only one custom prop was created…