Painted Canvas Facade

I built a new deck this year and want to make it into a stone mausoleum or something so I need to create a wall around it. I have looked all over the internet for ideas and found a few different designs… one that struck me was the Canvas Castle by Chris Olsen. I believe he painted the drop cloth gray with latex paint. 3 gallons of it… now I’m a on a budget at the moment so I decided I could DYE the drop cloth gray instead of paint it… I wouldn’t have to worry about cracking and it would be just as flexible. All I would have to do would be to paint the grout lines on… So it begins…

One 15′ x 12′ canvas painters drop cloth.
2 boxes of Tintex fabric dye (per cloth)
Dark gray paint
Light gray paint
Thin foam roller

Well first I picked up a sexy canvas drop cloth from the Home Depot. They aren’t cheap and this 15’x12′ one cost me $37. I bought 4 boxes of black Tintex Dye at Shopper’s Drug Mart for a couple bucks each.

I wasn’t sure how many dye packs it would take so I mixed up 2 of them according to the directions and then added the dye to the washing machine. I then inserted the drop cloth and let it churn away for 1 cycle of the washer. Do you hear that sound? It’s my wife yelling something about her next batch of clothes being all gray… yet… I hear nothing!


After it was finished drying… this is what Ihave…
A gray canvas drop cloth. Not as dark as I was hoping so I’ll put it through again. I’m looking for a darker gray. I think….



This is more the shade I’m looking for… 2 more packs of dye and it really won’t hold anymore colour.


It’s hard to see but I’ve laid out the grey clothon the driveway and drawn the picture on in blue marker.

This roller I used for the grout lines is thin and gives a nice uneven width line depending on how hard you press.

Then I rolled on the brick pattern using the foam wedge roller and a dark gray “miss-tint” I picked up at a decorating store.

Here I’ve gone back with the gray paint from my tombstones and highlighted the leading edge and top of each brink to give a bit of a 3D effect and make them look more like brick.

Here is the finished installed Canvas Facade.


Home Depot
Shoppers Drug Mart

The Black Bounty – by EvilBob
Canvas Castle Facade – by Chris Olsen