LED Spotlights


I was originally looking for some 12v lights to make a test board for MIDI project programming.  The idea being that each light would represent a MIDI output and a solenoid on the finished prop.  This would allow me to program the prop movements before a prop was completed.




I found these 12v LEDs at Canadian Tire in the automotive section.  After testing them and cutting them up I realized they are actually very subtle 12v spotlights and since they are made to mount under a vehicle they are weatherproof as well.

The cost per spot light ends up being around $2.

Nearest spot I can find is Frightprops mini spots at $9.99 each HERE.


These are VERY bright up close and I don’t recommend looking directly into the light.




When cut up and separated they have leads that are a workable length.  I tested each one at 12v 500mA and they glow the same as when connected together as they are wired in parallel not serially.






I took one into the shower to test the beam width and strength.  This photo is at 8″ from the wall…








Here the LED is around 3 feet from the wall and the beam is 18″ wide and still very bright…








At 4 feet from the wall the beam of light is 24″ across.  This means that the beam width is basically %50 of the distance from the LED to the object being illuminated.  I think if these LED were mounted inside a 1″ PVC end cap or something similar painted black they would be an excellent alternative to the more expensive lights on the market.

More important is the fact that these are not wired in series.  Each LED cut off the string works at 12v individually which saves you from having to do a bunch of math on voltage and loads like serial LED strings.