Flying Crank Ghost

I’ve been seeing Flying Crank Ghosts all over the web since I got into home haunting. This is a very slow moving, non-scare prop that really lends atmosphere to your haunted display. Doug Ferguson at Phantasmechanics invented the FCG (Flying Crank Ghost) and there have been variations on the armature since then but fundamentally it remains the same. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel I am building one based on this design but will be using a different motor obtained from Wil at

UPDATE:  October 11th, 2013
Apparently I lost this either in the move to the new house or it was “liberated” from my shed.  I just got a sweat deal on a Dayton Shaded Pole Gear motor on eBay for $32.
This model operates at 4RPM (so the ghost will be a bit slower) and has 100in/lbs of torque!  Will update the video with this new motor to show the speed difference.  Otherwise I will build it exactly the same as explained here.


1 x 6 ½ Rpm, 2 Amp, 74in/lb Type-E motor
6′ Replacement Power Cord
¼” Wire Rope Clip (U-Bolt)
(2) 4’ x 1″ x 1/8″ Aluminum Angle
(1) 1’ x 1″ x 1/8″ Aluminum Flat
(28) ¼-20 Hex Nuts
(10) ¼” SAE Washers
(4) 10/32 x ½” Machine Screws
(1) ¼” x 3″ Stove screws
(5) ¼” x 2″ Stove screws
(2) ¼” x 1-1/4″ Fender Washers
(14) ¼” Split Lock-Washers
(2) ¼” x 2″ Eye Bolt
(4) ¼” x 2 ½” Eye Bolt
(1) ½” x 4″ Eye Bolt
(3) 3/4″ Swivel Pulley
(2) 8″ Cable Ties
(2) NTA-411 Torrington Thrust Bearings
(2) ¼” Female Quick Slide

Cutting List:

4 Foot Length of Aluminum Cut into:
(1) 20″ Right Motor Mount
(2) 13 ½” Right and Left Arm

4 Foot Length of Aluminum Cut into:
(1) 20″ Left Motor Mount
(1) 16″ Front Bar
(1) 11 3/4″ Rear Bar

4 Foot Length of Aluminum Flat into:
(1) 12″ piece for crank arm. Crank arm must be bent 90 degrees approximately 2″ from the motor end of the crank arm.

The crank arm pivot will soon be modified to include these NTA-411 Torrington Thrust Bearings which I ordered off EBay from the U.K.  There will be one on either side of the fender washer to make it rotate very smoothly.




The ghost with ALL the house lights on inside!!! Window is blacked out.

After spraying with blacklight hairspray and running at night.  Nice glow!

 VIDEO of the Flying Crank Ghost in Action

Supplies: – 6 RPM Gear Motor.
Ebay – Bearings
Home Depot – Everything Else

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