Boarded-Up Windows

This was a last minute project I came up with… the nice thing is that from idea to installation was only 45 minutes… that included driving to Home Depot!

One 4×8 sheet of 3/4″ polystyrene
Brown Exterior Latex (miss-tint)
Velcro Tape

First decide how thick you want your boards to be and draw it on the foam. Measure your window to be sure!

Then cut out your boards and paint the fronts and all sides with the brown paint and a roller. Allow them to dry.


Cut up your Velcro tape into 1 inch piece and put a piece on the back of each board at the ends. Then stick your 2 upright boards to the window glass. Then start sticking the other boards to them to make the design you want.

Why use Velcro in stead of glue or double sided tape? Well, my window is 4.5 feet by 5 feet and where the heck would I store it? Now I can pull off each board and stack them up for storage.

The boards installed. Looks much better in person as you can see the grain lines I tried to get in the paint when I was rolling it.

Home Depot

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