We are trying to unite the area home haunters onto one list.  Do you spend and obscene amount of money and time every year getting ready for one night and allow people to experience it for FREE? 
If you would like your yard listed on Hauntedyards...
email us with a description and a location.

Jen and Jeff
Haunted Yards DOT Com

Ours is a small yard display and haunt which I just started last year.  This year there will be (assuming I have time to build them all) some new animated props including a coffin leaper, magic-mirror guest greeter, demon dog, undead coffin, corpses and some other low budget effects.

74 Hull Avenue (off Balsam Street).

The Halloween Guy

October of 1993 was our first Halloween in our house and we decided to decorate the yard and house with a few things we had lying around. We ended up getting 100 kids at our door on the 31st. and a fairly good reaction.  That reaction fueled our efforts in the coming years and by 1996, we had 1,000 trick or treaters at the doorstep. By 2001, that number grew to almost 1,500, with approximately 10,000 people checking out the display during the last week of October.

229 Pine Street (off River Street).

Ryan Tuomi

My wife and I started our haunted house in 2001. Our decorations were pretty simple as we set up a graveyard in our front yard. Our goal was just to make it a little extra spooky for the trick or treaters coming to our house. We had about 50 kids show up that year. We had so much fun that we just grew from there. Now we've grown to include live actors, diabolical machines of doom and plenty of screams!

530 South Norah Street.


I have a 6 ft spider on my roof, a life size skeleton, a grim reaper, cob webs on my roof and lots of other cool stuff. There is also a light sensor that flashes when u walk by.

366 Grenville Ave.

Email Unknown

This guys yard is loaded with stuff.  Out in rural Thunder Bay, there is giant dinosaurs eating corpses and coffins.  Literally tons of stuff.  In the off-season it's a homemade Jurassic park.  It looks like he builds giant dinosaurs out of chicken wire and and cement.  Very cool.

254 Highway 130 - Fire #228

Kitty Vale

We have mannequins dressed up, real concrete tombstones, a mud monster, boarded up windows and a half rotten guy coming out of the graves.  There is also a half coffin coming out of the ground, full coffin, both animated for Halloween night.  An archway over my driveway, a flying crank ghost and a few more odds and sods.

291 East Francis Street


*** The following links are businesses.  The do charge a fee for admission and therefore do not qualify as 'Home Haunters'.  Check them out anyways!


Gammondale Farm (Haunted Cornfield)

Gammondale Farm is Home to The Haunted Cornfield. The path through the cornfield is haunted and the BOO Barn and Pumpkin Train and Face Painting for Ronald McDonald Houses will be open on Friday and Saturday evenings dark to 10pm beginning Friday October 8th until Saturday October 30th. This is family entertainment suitable for school aged children and everyone under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult 21 or over. It is not recommended for under 5 because it is meant to be dark and scary, just use your discretion.

RR3  McCluskey Drive.


Old Fort William - Haunted Fort Night
Old Fort William

Haunted Fort night is a professional haunted attraction put on by the Old Fort staff from October 23 - 26.  It's is themed loosely around the stories of the fort and consists of live actors and a guide which walks you from building to building.  It is a fairly long walk and it is mostly actor based and there are a few scares.  They do have a peppers ghost effect that is worth seeing.  I didn't go this year because it was sold out only a couple of days after it was announced.  A little tip here guys...  if you are making money.... run it longer...

Out Broadway Avenue...